Reflection on the TRL workshop @ NeurIPS 2022.

Madelon Hulsebos ยท December 13, 2022

This year I co-organized the workshop on Table Representation Learning (TRL) at NeurIPS 2022. The workshop was a great success and received much interest from various communities (NLP/ML/DB) which illustrates the importance and impact of TRL.

I want to thank everyone for attending the workshop, bringing in many interesting discussions and visions, and presenting the latest work (and many giving their talks and pitches in-person)! The accepted papers can be found here. Soon, we will publish the talks on YouTube as well.

Going forward, we plan to write-up the key take-aways and next steps for future research as discussed in the panel of the workshop. We are also keen on organizing the TRL workshop again to continue strenghtening the TRL community, sharing and discussing work done across the different disciplines, and further stimulate research on this topic. Please reach out if you have any suggestions/ideas for future editions!