Internship at Sigma Computing.

Madelon Hulsebos · November 18, 2021

My industrial research journey started in June 2021 at Sigma Computing where I started as a research intern for 3 months. It’s been an amazing experience!

Although I stayed working from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, I was able to enjoy the energetic and ambitious environment since most colleagues were working from home due to covid restrictions.

During my internship I worked on two different projects. First, I worked on prototyping a system for data-driven decision making. Second, I worked on developing a framework and system for semantic type detection in practice. Both projects will be presented at CIDR next January!

As I continue to work at Sigma, I really look forward to meeting the team in person in January. I will travel to San Francisco and visit CIDR as well. I would be pleased to meet other CIDR participants!

Are you interested in research opportunities at Sigma? Visit Sigma’s website to find out more, or reach out to me or Çağatay Demiralp.