Invited Talks

    Table Representation Learning: advances, challenges, and opportunities - Transformers at Work (Zeta Alpha), 15-09-2023 | recording

    Towards Table Representation Learning for End-to-End Data Analysis - Systems for ML, ML for Systems workshop @ BTW 2023, 05-03-2023

    Towards “Large Table Models” for enterprise data management - KomPAKI Seminar, TU Darmstadt, 03-06-2022

    GitTables: a large-scale corpus of relational tables - CWI Database Architectures Group, 10-02-2022 | slides | recording


    Table Representation Learning, Weaviate Podcast, 01-11-2023 | recording

    GitTables: A Large-Scale Corpus of Relational Tables, Disseminate Podcast, 17-07-2023 | recording